Introducing ApneaLink™ with oximetry ... your link to increased business and improved patient care.

  • A quick and easy sleep-screening tool designed to help you identify more patients at risk for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).
  • A premium, compact device that can be used at home.
  • ApneaLink™ with pulse oximeter provides two additional channels of information in addition to flow and snoring:
    1. pulse
    2. pulse oximetry


Software upgrade with Cheyne-Stokes Respiration
(CSR) detection

An upgrade providing a validated insight into the occurence of Cheyne-Stokes Respiration (CSR).

  • Easy detection - Automatic analysis validated
  • Easy Reporting - Single page summary, diagrams and screen shot inclusion into patient reports


Features and Benefits

Convenient screening

  • Easy-to-use and accurate
  • Graphic risk identifiers—CSR flags and sleep apnea risk indicator
  • Enhanced desaturation detection
  • Helps grade patient condition by severity and pathology
  • Optional oximetry


Easy reporting

  • Validated automatic analysis1, 2
  • Single page summary report
  • Extended reporting option (pulse oximetry trends for detailed assessment with screenshots)
  • Electronic data exchange capability
  • EDF and CSV export capability
  • Windows® Vista compatibility


Improved patient care

  • Identification of intra-hospital, pre-operative patients at risk of OSA
  • Referral sources available when referring a patient for further evaluation
  • Screening of chronic disease patients, drowsy drivers, other high-risk employees
  • Patients prompted to address their condition and access treatment



Contact ResMed's sleepVantage Customer Care Service for more information about ApneaLink™ on (02) 8884 2018 or 1300 305 705 (local call rate from anywhere in Australia).


Replacement Parts

629052 Attachment Belt, reusable
70406 Attachment Belt, single use (10 pack)
70412 Sensor, Oximeter-single use (24 pack)
1431002 Sensor, Oximeter (Flex-Wrap)-reusable
70276 Tape, Sensor (for Flex-Wrap Sensor)-25 pack
70413 Sensor, Oximeter (Soft Sensor)-reusable
629051 USB Download Cable
70319 Nasal/Oxygen Cannulas (25 pack)
70388 ApneaLink Nasal Cannulas (25 pack)
22304 Oximetry Accessories Kit


Product Code/s
1 Wang Y, Teschler T, et al. Pneumologie 2003;57:734–740 
2 Teschler, et al. 2007 (accepted for publication)
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